Red Light District Walking Tour

Are you looking for a safe and fun way to visit Amsterdam’s Red Light District, or the ‘Wallen’. This guided walking tour is without doubt the best way to see the oldest profession in the world. The tour leads through narrow streets of the world famous Red Light District. One of those streets is the famous ‘Zeedijk’, which was once one of the most dangerous streets of Amsterdam, where sailors came looking for amusement. Nowadays, because of the disappearance of the harbor, the shady bars have been replaced by typical Dutch pubs, which are certainly not dangerous any more. Part of this tour will be the visit of the museum of Prostitution for a fascinating introduction to the red light district and what is going on there. During this excursion, we guarantee your safety - you will be accompanied by a very reliable guide.


Summer season (March 23 - October 30): Daily at 20.00 h.
 Winter season (October 31 - March 22): Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat at 20.00 h.