Children? Welcome aboard

Whether you choose one or more hours of sailing, fun and meanwhile enjoying our delicious pancakes. Children are always welcome aboard at the Pancake Boat.

Did the boat started sailing? Fortunately. Because then the big Pancake Buffet is opened. The choice will not be easy. Because there are not just piles of warm natural-, apple and bacon pancakes waiting for you. There is also a buffet filled with delicious toppings sizes. And they keep baking fresh pancakes while sailing, until no one is hungry anymore.

Decorate it

To decorate your pancakes, our giant table is filled with yummy ingredients to make the most beautiful pancake creations. From sweet to savory. From bright pink to dark brown. Irresistibly delicious. Don't you know what you're going to make? Then you can get the best pancake drawings with crayons and coloring sheets on each table.

Ballenbak (ball pit) on board

Especially for the younger guests, over a shipload full of colored balls is to find. In total 15,000 of them. You can leave children there floating quietly around while you have some of the pancakes and enjoy the view.

More information about the times, departures and packages please check the website.