The Netherlands is much more than the well-known icons that represent the country: tulips, cheese, clogs and windmills. Not many know that the Netherlands counts 40 nature reserves, including 20 national parks and 20 national landscapes.

Over 50 years ago, nature created Nationaal Park Nieuw Land, a swamp area that was left alone. Nature took possession of the new land and developed into a new wilderness: a unique national park for the Netherlands and Europe. With plenty of reeds, water, swamp, rugged grassy plains and wild animals. In this bird-rich swamp area, people and nature work together in a special way. There are 31 bird species that are protected in Europe and for which the Nationaal Park Nieuw Land are of (international) importance. You will encounter heck cattle, konik horses and red deer along the way. With their grazing they keep the grasslands open in a natural way. And they in turn ask for care and management.

Discover this nature reserve in a two-hour journey by Ekocar, together with an English-speaking forester of Staatsbosbeheer. Marvel at the sight of large grazers, such as heck cattle, konik horses and red deer. All animals were born in freedom; calves and foals are born without human help and grow up on their mother's side.