What were summer holidays like in the past?

The summer is coming. Time for a holiday, to relax at home or to go on a trip. But what were summer holidays like in the past, in the Middle Ages and in the 17th century? Did people even have holidays back then? And did people already travel then? Discover all this during a short tour of the gardens and the castle. Then, get to work yourself and create a postcard of your dream destination. But watch out! In addition to drawing, cutting, tearing & pasting, you will also paint with your feet. Fun guaranteed!

Practical information

  • This workshop costs €7.50 per child (excluding entrance ticket)
  • You can participate in the workshop every Wednesday during the summer holidays at 11:00. On 3 July and 7 August the workshop will start at 14:00
  • Book your ticket here
  • Suitable for children from 6 to 11 years old
  • Parents are not present at the workshop
  • All materials are present
  • The museum teacher helps the children