Feel like a local

It is our goal to make you feel like a local instead of just being with one. Feel part of a neighbourhood instead of just being with a guide. You will not hear years during our tours, we rather tell you local stories, what is happening in a neighbourhood and give you insights. Be surprised and get to see the places that aren't as crowded as you would expect in Amsterdam. Be amazed by all the beautiful things that the city offers. Rather visit a village, town or place outside the Dutch capital? We will make a special tour, tailor-made to your interests and wishes.

Our tours

You decide whether you want to enjoy your tour by bike or on foot. Of course you will get to see more sights during a biking tour, but our walking tours are also packed with great places to see. An average tour at FROM HERE takes three hours. All of our tours are unique but have some fixed elements in it. You will always get to see some street art at unexpected locations, experience and see the diversity of a neighbourhood (from nature to architecture) and have a small break with a drink at a unique place. Come with us and experience it yourself!

Booking a tour is easy through our website. Kids are more than welcome. We even have a special kids quest for them during the tour.