The Rokin and its treasures

This audiotour by architour provides an insight into the historical and current developments along the Rokin. 100% Corona-proof and free!

The Rokin has changed significantly over the centuries, but thanks to its central location, it has always retained its role as the dominant artery of urban activity. Many Amsterdammers and visitors, however, only have an eye for the commercial functions in the plinths of the buildings or only know the Rokin as a through route to other places in the city. Architectural historian Vincent Van Rossem once even called it “the worst dentures in town”.

However, this doesn't do justice to the importance and value of the area. Over a length of 500 meters, the Rokin offers a cross-section of almost the entire Dutch architectural history: from the Munt Tower from the Golden Age to 19th century buildings such as the Allard Pierson, the post-modern Oudhof building and the most recent shop buildings. The latter are not only relevant from an architectural point of view, but also  in the context of discussions about the use and design of the city. This also applies to the new infrastructure projects, such as the North-South line station and the bicycle parking facilities.

During this audiotour we take visitors and residents from Dam Square to the Munttoren , along 15 striking buildings. You explore the area in an individual way, supported by a digital map and current as well as historical photos. At each stop, you can listen to an explanation of the architecture for about 3-4 minutes, but also about the history of the origins of the institutions and companies. The narrator is a local architect and architectural guide who shares his experience in an accessible and well-researched way. He or she knows how to tell a story about every project.

The tour is free and is brought to you by BIZ Vereniging Rokin. All you need is a smartphone with earplugs. Welcome to the Rokin!