App-based team games in Amsterdam

The City Game Amsterdam app can be used on your own smartphone or tablet, but it's also possible to borrow one of City Game's devices. There are many different games – each with its own story and unique game-play style. Think GPS pub crawl, scavenger hunts and real-life Snakes and Ladders.

City Game Amsterdam options

There are two ways to play with City Game Amsterdam:

  1. A fully catered event, including an events manager, tablets and a prize for the winning team (provided by Kunstgras Events.)
  2. A 'do-it-yourself game' where you play on your personal smartphone or tablet (without guidance from City Game.)

City Game Amsterdam with your group

You can play a City Game in Amsterdam with groups of 10 to 2,000 people. You can combine your City Game with another activity, workshop, meeting, lunch or dinner. You can even request a free quote using their application form.

City Game Amsterdam on scooter, bicycle or rickshaw

You can also play your City Game in Amsterdam on a scooter, a bike or even in a rickshaw with a driver. This gives an extra dimension to the game, helping you quickly travel from one marker to the next. They can arrange transport for you, or you can use your own bicycle to get to the meeting point. Note that you should notify City Game Amsterdam if you want to use your own bike. Interested? Request a free quote!