Bagpoint sameday luggage delivery service between Schiphol, hotels and cruises

Bagpoint is specialised in the transportation of traveller's luggage items. At Bagpoint we understand that your visit to Amsterdam has to be efficient. Therefore, Bagpoint offers its services so you can enjoy your trip from the moment you arrive until the moment you depart. If your hotel room is not ready yet, or your flight or cruise is not yet open for embarking, you can hand over your luggage to us. In the meantime you can enjoy Amsterdam, while we deliver your luggage to its destination.

Bagpoint transports your luggage safely and on time to the address you specify within the Amsterdam region. This way, you can be relaxed and enjoy a worry free trip as you spend your time efficiently.

On the day of departure you can book the service and hand over your luggage at the hotel or cruise to the Bagpoint staff. You can spend your last day efficiently and without any hassle.

The services are also available for business travelers.

For more info please visit the Bagpoint website and request a quote.