I am always looking for the maximum of Amsterdam in my photos, such as the traditional architecture, with houses and small windows that give a charm to the photos and the most beautiful bridges and canals that seem to have come out of a film!
Our meeting will take place at Amsterdam Central Station, from there we walk for about 15 minutes to the region chosen for the photos. Because this region is more residential, has no tourists and not many people come by, the streets are quieter and you can see what it really is a bit of the lifestyle of the Dutch.
We already start our walk and photos in this region with traditional Dutch houses, I click on every smile and every part of you if you come across some houses and windows, with the beautiful canals and boats and of course we will sit and take beautiful pictures the most famous bridges in Amsterdam.
In every process I will guide you in attitudes and ideas if you feel a little pathetic. Fun is my middle name! :)
After completing the photos, we will return to the starting point of the meeting and within a day I will send you a link with all the images from the session so that you can choose your favorites and then I will edit the photos and send you.