Discover this unique part of the city

Your private guide during the salon boat and bike Amsterdam Noord tour is a neighbourhood local. He or she will show you unique places and surprising contrasts of Noord by bike. The three hours during this tour will pass by quickly, especially when you enter the salon boat that used to be owned by the mayor of Amsterdam. The boat used to show special guests of the mayor around Amsterdam to show them all things beautiful the city has to offer. And now it's your turn to enjoy it! Your tour will start at Buiksloterweg 1, near the A’dam tower. There’s plenty of time to shoot some great photos during the tour. The guide will include enough stops for you to be able to hear and see everything the neighbourhood has to offer.

Nice to know

A maximum of 10 guests are welcome to join the tour. A coffee, tea or other beverage break with complimentary Dutch snack is included during the tour on the salon boat. You have to arrange or bring your own bike. Read our tips about where to find and rent a bike here. Want to do the tour with a group larger than 10 people? Send us an e-mail!