Trail information
Type of trail: cycle trail
Distance: 33 kilometres
Region: Waterland
Starting point: the trail starts and finishes just east of Purmerend. From Purmerend station it is about a 1 km cycle to the starting point. You can of course start the trail at another place, for example Marken.

You can cycle the trail using the Cycling Junction Point Network of Laag Holland. To do that, follow the junction points: station Purmerend-26-28-94-95-97-98-99-56-3-5-23-31-30-26-station. Via Marken and boat connection* Volendam: 99-51-52-53-54-55-56-3-5-23-31-30-26-station. : * For information about ferry sailing times check:

Folder and trail
Folder and trail information available from
- VVV Branch Monnickendam, tel. 0299- 820046