The trail is marked by means of wooden posts with purple arrows. Dogs are not allowed.
Description of particulars along the way.?
These are listed in alphabetical order on the roadmap.
A. Ferry
- The inhabitants of the houses below the dam all have access to a hand-operated ferry to get to the road.
B. Reed field
- The reed field near Zedde has unusual vegetation with a lot of peat moss and sundew.
C. Purmer Ee
- Here you have a view of the Purmer Ee, with reed beds on the north side, home to numerous birds.
D. Rietveldhuis
- In the winter you can see the ‘Rietveldhuis’ on the other side of the ring canal. It was designed in 1959 by architect and furniture maker Gerrit Rietveld. Designs from this famous designer are professional and functional.
E. Ilpenstein
- Next to the dike there is an old tall tree orchard. The name of the farm refers to Castle Ilpenstein, that once stood here.
The Fence trail runs from Starting Point 6 in Edam through the alternative points 16, 15, 19, 8, 7, 71 and 72 to 10 starting point in Ilpendam.
There is plenty of parking at the starting point.