Smart pedaling with Vanmoof

Who better than an Amsterdam start-up gone global to create the smartest and most desirable electric bike? Founded nearly seven years ago by brothers Taco and Ties Carlier, Vanmoof – ‘van’ because it sounds Dutch, ‘moof’ as a funky abbreviation of ‘movement’ – set out to redesign the typical commuter bike into a sleeker and smarter incarnation, with a nimbler frame, hole-proof tires and inbuilt LEDs from Dutch lighting pioneer Philips. Their first electric two-wheeler – released in 2014 and touted as ‘the world’s first intelligent bike’ – anticipated the declining sales in regular bikes and the growth of their e-powered counterparts. Sure, the price tag’s hefty, but the electric bike’s GPS tracker – soon to be also be installed on Vanmoof’s regular bikes – makes it nearly impossible to lose, either to a thief or a forgetful mind. With Amsterdam likely to soon ban scooters from bike lanes, it looks like Vanmoof managed to tap into the eco-conscious commuter’s secret dreams of a bit of extra power in the long morning ride to the office or at the end of a hard day’s work.