Passion for tulips

Michel de Bruine: "My passion for tulips has early arisen. With so many colours and varieties there is no other flower that brings more people the feeling of spring. For 20 years I visit every year many growers in their nursery to see the present, but also to see the new assortment and buy the finest and newest varieties for you. It seems at times like a candy store.

In our Tulip Store Show Garden, I try out new, surprising combinations and varieties and admire the beautiful flowers every day in spring. More than 350 varieties of tulips and my homemade tulipmixtures can be admired here for free every day from mid March till mid May. You are most welcome next Spring. .


Many new varieties are even exclusively available at Tulip Store. Examples are: the unique, pink peonyflowering tulip with its fringed edges 'PERTH', the beautiful yellow, richly filled tulip 'ICE CREAM BANANA' and the unique, peonyflowering parrot tulip 'DOUBLE FLAMING BIRD'.

Our unique, homemade tulip mixtures are: the elegant mixture: 'Exclusive Tulips', the fringed, peonyflowering tulipmixture 'Candy Frills' and the summery yellow/orange mixture 'Tequila Sunrise'.

Several mixtures consist of varieties from the same family, such as the beautiful 'Tulip Festival Mix'. Therefore they have the same flowering time. For a longer flowering time, like even a minimum of 75 days at the same place, I can recommend the mixtures: the 'Tulip Store 75 days Tulips Mix' and the 'Tulip Store 75 days Narcissus Mix'. These mixtures consist of as many as 20 different varieties.


Tulip Store delivers at your home from the beginning of September or at your friends/family/relations throughout Europe and Russia. If you order after the beginning of September, we will send the bulbs within 3 working days.

With our many Gift items, we are also a very interesting supplier of promotional gifts. We would like to inform you of the possibilities and a special offer.