Thinking of Holland provides an alternative and a more exciting reflection of the Netherlands than the typical downtown souvenir store. The store has a varied collection of original articles over a wide price range, from noted brands.

The beautiful Krejci tea towels, for example, each carry a reference to a modern Dutch icon woven into the fabric of the cloth.

Lotte van Laatum's tulip vase combines traditional shape with a print recalling the Turkish origins of the tulip plant. Or take the innovative Senz storm umbrella, a Dutch design which has won numerous international awards due to its amazing storm resistance. There is also an unusual range of jewelry from at least twenty different Dutch designers. In short, across its entire range, Thinking of Holland offers contemporary products each of which in its own way says something about the Netherlands. The entire store is moreish.

Thinking of Holland's range is also perfect for Dutch companies that want to offer their partners a gift from, or reflecting, the Netherlands. Because – apart from tulips, clogs and windmills – the Netherlands is also wind and water, and the innovative Dutch approach to dealing with them. The beautiful and innovative designs which are developed here immediately lend themselves to representing the Netherlands. Apart from the fact that the articles have a relationship with the country, they also come with a story, the story of the individual designer.

If you are not shopping online, a visit to Thinking of Holland's store will bring you to the southbank of the IJ in Amsterdam. A new and exciting part of the city has grown up here, with a mix of renovated waterfront warehouses and the best of contemporary architecture. It is a modern and dynamic district. Our original and alternative souvenir store fits perfectly into this lively and creative area.