Art and craft, blended into a unique experience for all ages

Every portrait (photography) is a one-off: black coated aluminium plates or glass plates are exposed in the large size camera obscura. The owners are experienced professionals and take their time (around 90 minutes) to create your beautiful portrait. Through a carefully managed developing process in the dark room, extremely small silver particles reveal your face as you have never seen it before: sharp, full of character and atmosphere, and you can witness every step of the process, including the developing stage. An experience you will never forget.
Silver Portrait Store offers two plate types, three sizes and various framing options.

At the Silver Portrait Store you can also buy unique Tintype or Ambrotype still lifes of flowers. A unique souvenir to take home.
Appointments possible but walk-ins welcome!

We are open from 11-6 pm on Thursdays through Saturdays.

We take appointments for all other days and times.

Gift certificates available.

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