How to claim your Tax Refund

1) GET IT: Look for stores displaying Global Blue Tax Free Shopping signage in the window. When paying for your purchases ask the shop staff for a Tax Free Form.

2) STAMP IT: At the airport please allow enough time for the refund process before your flight departs. Before you check in for your flight, go to the Customs desk and present your completed Tax Free Form, passport, receipts/invoices and purchases to get a stamp on your form. Don’t pack them away in your check-in luggage as you will need to show them to the Customs Officer.

3) CASH IT: Go to a Refund office displaying the Global Blue logo. Present your stamped and completed Tax Free Forms to receive the refund in cash or to credit card. In a rush? Mail your stamped completed Tax Free Forms to the address of the Processing Centre and receive your refund on your credit card.

Visit the Global Blue website for more information.