Noorderpark / Vliegenbos

Noorderpark Cycle Path Koen SmildeA classic sandwich from Bakkerij Sjoerd van Willes might not be a culinary masterpiece, but sometimes it’s secretly exactly what you need to get you through the day. We can recommend the ox sausage or warm goats cheese fillings. Luxuriously from here, you have two parks to choose from and find a place to relax - no matter how briefly. For (usually) a little more bustle, head to the Noorderpark. Or, if you want tranquility and nature, go for a walk in the Vliegenbos to get as far away as possible from the city.

Honorable mention:
Broodbakkerij Ex bake the most delicious sourdough bread and small (sweet) rolls every day.

Gedempt Hamerkanaal

Around this area you can actually go to almost any place for some tasty to-go food or grab a coffee from MOK Amsterdam. For a nice lunch (and perhaps also something for dinner), definitely visit the popup supermarket Vendejo de Goudfazant where you will find focaccia, pastries and very good sourdough bread. After this, you have to pay a quick visit to De VerbroederIJ for the best lunchtime activity of all: cuddling with the piglets Barry and Rosita. Bet your day suddenly got a lot more fun?

Honorable mentions:
Not in the mood for a sandwich? The skate café has been renamed Toko Kelly and is also open at lunchtime from Thursday to Saturday. Nice weather? Then enjoy the view along FC Hyena. Look out over Amsterdam Central at a peaceful distance from the hustle and bustle on the other side.

Around Van der Pek

Twee Beelden Statues Wingerdweg 12 Amsterdam Noord Elisabet Stienstra 3If you’re not a huge coffee lover, a Vanasty Chai from Boka’s - a spicy chai latte with a single espresso shot - will energise you for the rest of the day. A filling lunch courtesy of Café Keppler will also help; choose from a kimchi toasty or a sandwich with Oude Beemster cheese, fennel and mayo. Get your legs moving with a walk along the Buiksloterweg and see if you can spot the famous Twee Beelden statues at Wingerdweg 12.


BBROOD Bakery Cafe Amsterdam Noord NDSMHead to BBROOD for a coffee, a buttery croissant, and maybe pick up a freshly-baked loaf to take home with you. Kebec Micro Bakery have a selection of lunchtime broodjes which, like their famous pizzas, are well worth shouting about. Choose from combinations of sumptuous Italian ingredients like provolone cheese, spicy salami, buffalo mozzarella, or fennel sausage. There’s nowhere better than the IJ Viewpoint for a spot to sit and watch the waves as you eat.

Honorable mentions:

Noorderlicht Cafe has a seemingly endless list of drinks to try and decide upon, from matcha lattes to refreshing homemade kombucha. The decadent menu at Fred’s Kitchen has got your mid-week treat lunch needs covered - the grilled chicken flatbread or the tom kha kai soup are highly recommended.