This guide is intended as inspiration. If you’re looking for the official line on how the coronavirus will impact your trip or daily life in Amsterdam, please see our coronavirus information page, which is updated regularly with the latest developments.

Visit a museum… virtually!

Rijksmuseum Google Arts and Culture

The museums in Amsterdam are currently closed. But you can still get your culture fix from home, via virtual tours. Open a bottle of wine, make yourself cosy, and get ready to explore some of the world’s most famous works of art via the magic of the internet. The Rijksmuseum offers various multimedia tours via its excellent free app, but can also be visited, along with the Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, Royal Palace and other museums, through Google street view. Head to their arts and culture page to start exploring.

Watch movies set in Amsterdam

Call it immersive cinema. Amsterdam on your screen, Amsterdam through your window… you in your comfiest attire. Classic slasher horror movie Amsterdamned is always a laugh, while the movie adaptation of Donna Tarrt’s novel The Goldfinch is partly filmed here in the city. Gorgeous period piece Tulip Fever is set (although not actually filmed) in Golden Age Amsterdam, while sentimental teen novel turned movie The Fault in Our Stars will have you weeping over the canals and wistfully remembering a time when we were allowed to touch each other’s faces…

Explore the Amsterdam Area with virtual reality

If you are staying home but still want to see what the Amsterdam Area has to offer, then check out these virtual reality videos which get you up close to everything without leaving the house. See the inside of a windmill, stroll through a tulip field, visit the beach and step into a fishing boat, all in glorious 360 degrees. Start your virtual trip here.

Read a book set in Amsterdam

With its fairy tale architecture and atmospheric maze of canals and cobbles, Amsterdam has been inspiring writers for centuries. Jessie Burton’s bestseller The Miniaturist, about a young girl sent to marry a rich merchant, paints a vivid picture of 17th-century life in Amsterdam and features many real-life locations which are still going strong today. The Fault in Our Stars and The Goldfinch have both been adapted into movies filmed in Amsterdam (see above). Anne Frank’s Diary of a Young Girl is a must-read for anyone interested in life in Amsterdam during the Nazi occupation, while Cees Noteboom’s The Rituals is thought by some to be the masterpiece of the greatest living Dutch novelist.

Learn to paint like a Dutch Master


Now seems as good a time as any to dig out the art supplies and test out your long-held suspicion that you may just be the next Rembrandt. The Rijksmuseum has put together some handy tutorials to teach you the painting techniques of the great masters – head to their RijksCreative YouTube channel to get started.

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