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New Land

  • 4 points
  • 3 KM
  • 2 hours

Architectural gems can be found throughout Almere. From apartment blocks to the theatre, from the library to the public squares: all are extraordinary designs. Leading architects such as Rem Koolhaas, Herman Hertzberger and Liesbeth van der Pol have contributed to building this ‘New Land’ that was reclaimed from the sea. Find your favourite among the awe-inspiring designs.

  • Amsterdam Central Station

    Begin your New Land journey here.

  • Take the exit on the right-hand side. Walk on straight until you reach a square (Stadhuisplein) and the town hall.
  • The library is on the other side of the square.
  • Walk to the right alongside the library. Once you’ve passed it you’ll find de Smaragd on the left.
  • With de Smaragd behind you, start walking until you reach some stairs. Take the stairs up to the Belfort. The square continues around the corner to the right. 
  • $name

    The abundance of restaurants and cafés on the Belfort square make it the perfect spot for a break. 

  • Walk straight across the square until you reach a blue glass wall. Turn left. Walk up to the escalators, pass them on the left, then walk straight ahead for a bit until you can see the water. To your left is Lakeside.
  • Turn right behind Lakeside. In front of you, on the right side, you can see the Apollo hotel.
  • Directly after the Apollo hotel you can see the theatre to your left.
  • KAF - Kunstlinie Almere Flevoland

    The KAF (Kunstlinie) building, home to a theatre and an arts centre, is the centre of attention on the Esplanade square – and rightly so.  

    Currently closed
  • To the right of the theatre, you can see two tower blocks, these are the Side by Side blocks. 
  • To the right of the Side by Side blocks there is a slightly lower building. This is The Wave.
  • Walk down the stairs right in front of The Wave. You have reached the Schipperplein.
  • Across the Schipperplein on the left side there is another set of steps. Walk up the steps – you have reached the bridge.
  • Cross the bridge and turn left. You can now see Silverline.
  • To the right, on the other side of the water, you can see the brown pier with a wooden building. Walk around the building and turn right. Cross the bridge and walk straight ahead. You are now heading directly towards Lakeside. Behind Lakeside, turn left and then turn right into the shopping street. Walk straight ahead until you’ve reached the Stadhuisplein. Walk up the street that’s directly opposite, until you’ve reached the station. 
  • Amsterdam Central Station

    This is the end of the New Land walking route.

New Land