The kitchen uses only fresh ingredients for all courses, starters, main courses and deserts. It's possible to make arrangements for you and your family or friends to dine, lounge or party. Regulary, there is an artist in the restaurant who comes to play live music for your pleasure. The most romantic part of the restaurant is the conservatory with an excellent view at the Mill of Sloten. The Lounge is decorated in the style of Thousand an one Nights and is called 'The oasis of pleasure.' On a regular basis there are performances by a belly dancer and it's possible to smoke the árgile' (Arab water pipe). The latter is under supervision and with assistance of the staff. At the bar there are various types of spirits available. Our drinks-menu also has a selection of Arabic tea or coffee, fruit juices and cocktails. The Eden room is available for receptions, meetings, large diners and business events.