Golden Age decor and home-grown food

Fittingly, a reproduction lines one wall of the strikingly renovated space (visit the Rijksmuseum to admire the original) and the painting’s colour scheme is applied throughout. Other interesting design touches include lamps made of copper distillation tanks over the marble bar and the use of cinemagraphs, which bring a few familiar Dutch reproductions to life. Combined with the original arched leaded-glass windows and a restored 17th century ceiling and staircase, it’s a pretty perfect combination of past and present. So is the menu. Chef Sander Looren de Jong explains: ‘Our fertile agricultural land is world-renowned and we use the best local, organic products to recreate traditional Dutch dishes with a modern twist.’
 The home-grown focus also extends to the drinks menu, with mainly locally produced beers, genevers, liqueurs, coffee and even a few Dutch wines on offer.