The School Amsterdam

The School is a broad cultural center in a former school building, which houses young creative companies and studios. You will also find a club, restaurant, concert hall, café, exhibition space and a real sports hall.

Restaurant and Café DS

The restaurant is located in an old workshop in De School. Until a few years ago, the large open space where was still used as a practice room to train car mechanics. The large overhead roller doors and gas exhaust pipe are silent witnesses of the former function as a workshop.

The café is a warm, homely place where a simple and healthy menu is central, seven days a week. It has a lovely large terrace where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner all day long. A perfect place to celebrate your birthday or have a drink!

The Gym

For sports enthusiasts there is Het Gymlokaal! Not your average gym, but a special location where you can indulge in (kick) boxing, yoga, cross training, barre, gymnastics, mobility, strength & condition, capoeira and fitness.

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