Since the beginning of April this year, with the beginning of the new sailing season, Watersport association Nieuwe Meer has decided to open their doors to the public. Since the establishment of this association in 1912, it has always been private and accessible only to members and friends.

With the arrival of the new owners of Brasserie Nieuwe Meer, Mrs. Inge van Broekhoven as hostess and her partner Chef cook Albert Pielanen, they made Nieuwe Meer accessible for the people of Aalsmeer and from the surrounding communities to enjoy the beautiful location overlooking the lake Westeinder from their large terrace.

Enjoy a small or extensive lunch in the form of delicious “Oerbrood” or baked fish. But you are also welcome to enjoy drinks accompanied with appetizers.

Opening hours:
Tuesday / Friday from 12:00
Saturday and Sunday from 10:00