Vegetarians, vegans, the health conscious and those simply trying to live a little lighter don’t have to depend on salads alone when visiting Amsterdam. Though Dutch cuisine favours hearty dishes that revolve around meat and potatoes, there are plenty of vegetarian restaurants in Amsterdam that aim to please all palates.

Vegan restaurants

Mr & Mrs Watson

Mr & Mrs Watson gives those who crave non-vegan foods the chance to satisfy those cravings – including cheese, which was voted best vegan cheese by PETA in 2017. The restaurant, located in Amsterdam Oost, offers favourites such as sloppy BBQ sandwiches (made with pulled jackfruit), cashew-based fondue, cheesecake and cheese platters as well as the all-important frietjes with eggless mayonnaise. Dietary restrictions are taken seriously here, with gluten- and nut-free options available for diners. Linnaeuskade 3h, Oost

Mr Mrs Watson Amsterdam

Meatless District

With a completely animal-free menu, Meatless District is a vegan’s delight. The multinational menu is fairly small, but this allows the kitchen to focus on creating one-of-a-kind dishes at breakfast, lunch and dinner. For breakfast, yellow beet, dukkah and mint puts a twist on trendy avocado toast, while more typical dishes like scones and scrambled “eggs” also appear on the menu. The starting price for a main course at dinner is €15, which includes the Meatless District burger: a grilled aubergine creation served with “Boerenfriet” and mayo (vegan, of course). Bilderdijkstraat, Oud-West

Meatless District Amsterdam

The Vegan Junk Food Bar

Junk food isn’t just for meat eaters – vegans can indulge, too! At the Vegan Junk Food Bar, all the tasty treats usually reserved for carnivores are on the menu, including juicy plant-based burgers and fries, made completely of vegan ingredients. The Vegan Junk Food Bar has four locations: De Pijp spot is a fully-fledged restaurant serving up dishes such as shawarma and bitterballen, while the Oud-West location has more of a takeaway cafe vibe. You'll also find new outposts downtown and in Oost. Marie Heinekenplein 9-10, De Pijp, Staringplein 22,Oud-West, Reguliersdwarsstraat 57, down town, and Eerste v. Swindenstraat 389, Oost.

Vegan Junk Food Bar

Koffie ende Koeck

The menu at this breakfast stop, lunchroom and bakery is 100% plant-based and 100% delicious, offering up sweet treats and savoury bites to enjoy in the cosy café or outside on the terrace. The cake is the high point at Koffie ende Koeck: each flavour, including chocolate hazelnut, Victoria sponge, carrot cake and more, are made with vegan-friendly ingredients. For an extra-special vegan feast, reserve your spot at High Tea for tea sandwiches, scones and unlimited tea. Haarlemmerweg 175,Westerpark

Koffie ende Koeck Amsterdam


There are two locations for this plant-based pizza place: the original Mastino in De Pijp offers both traditional pizzas as well as vegan ones, while Mastino V in Amsterdam-West is all vegan, all the time (though you can order regular mozzarella, if you like). Try a Full Moon pizza with pesto or a Frida & Diego for a Mexican mix, enjoyed either at the small restaurant or delivered to your door. Eerste van der Helststraat 78 hs, De Pijp and Bilderdijkstraat 192 H, Oud-West

Mastino Vegan Amsterdam


Operating as part of the Kushi Institute of Europe, DeShima is all about macrobiotics. The daily menu contains no animal products — it’s completely vegan — and dishes inspired by Asian cuisine. A hot lunch, which includes grains, beans and seasonal vegetables, starts at €15, and there are smaller dishes for just a quick bite to eat: vegan sushi and miso soup start at just €3.50.  You can dine in or order for delivery until 14:00, so there’s no dinner served. After that the restaurant is converted into a classroom, but you can certainly stick around, don an apron and learn to whip up your own vegan dishes at home. Weteringschans, Spiegelkwartier

DeShima Amsterdam

OT301 — De Peper

Hidden inside the OT301, a cultural centre located in a former film academy, is De Peper. It’s not really a restaurant, though; it’s a “cultural kitchen” in Oud-West that features 100% organic and vegan produce (kosher and halal guests are more than welcome). The experience is a bit unique in that it’s run by volunteers and there’s no table service or menu. The price of a meal, which includes a starter and main course, is on a sliding scale from €7 – 10 so that everyone can try vegan food. Desserts are a mere €1.50, and all donations go to the upkeep of the restaurant. It’s casual, laidback and made up of a community of art, music and earth lovers. Overtoom, Oud-West

De Peper Amsterdam

Vegetarian restaurants

Café de Ceuvel

This place is part of The Ceuvel, a “regenerative urban oasis” located in Amsterdam-Noord. The café opened in 2014 with a focus on providing healthy food not only for people, but for the planet, too. The Ceuvel has built the world’s first Biogas Boat, where biogas and nutrient-rich fertiliser is extracted from organic waste from the restaurant. Besides a selection of vegetarian and vegan sandwiches, soup and snacks, there’s the adventurous “Farm to Table” menu, which starts at €22 for two. It changes every two weeks and depends on what the local food suppliers offer. A dish of “saved vegetables,” which features veggies turned away by supermarkets for being just too ugly, is on the menu for those truly trying to save the planet. There’s simply no waste (or wasted appetite) at De CeuvelKorte Papaverweg, Amsterdam Noord


Located just a 15-minute train ride from the centre of Amsterdam in nearby Haarlem, this veggie heaven eschews boring salads and tofu in favour of exciting, inventive vegetarian dishes. Everything is easy to reheat at home, so you can even stock up on your favourite dish – the Jamaican curry or Undutch-a-ball dumplings, for example – for a night or two. Eat in at the cosy café or get your food to go, but definitely don’t skip dessert! Zijlstraat 21A, Haarlem

vanVeg Haarlem

Beter & Leuk

After enjoying a healthy brunch at Beter & Leuk, you can learn how to cook it. It may not be exactly the same dish, but definitely something worthy of this busy spot. In addition to serving tasty veggie dishes, the restaurant offers various workshops (a three-hour vegan sushi course, for example) to help its patrons eat healthier at home. From its own kitchen in the Oosterpark neighbourhood, Beter & Leuk offers freshly pressed juices and smoothies; breakfast nibbles such as scones, eggs and pancakes; and lunch items such as the soy and kombu-based Dutch Weed Burger. Latecomers won’t have to miss out, either. You can grab one of the meals as takeaway for a healthy dinner at home. Eerste Oosterparkstraat, Oosterpark


This restaurant has been serving up Lebanese and Israeli dishes for just a few years now, and it has quickly become a favourite among the locals. Dishes such as shakshuka, hummus and the “psychedelic cauliflower” are must-tries on the menu, but don’t worry if you can’t order it all – veggie lovers in Amsterdam won’t need much convincing to visit manamana more than once. Eerste Jan Steenstraat 85, De Pijp

manamana Amsterdam

Golden Temple 

Located on the lively Utrechtsestraat, the Golden Temple has been attracting worshipers of vegan and vegetarian food to its altar  since 2008. Named after the famous Sikh temple in North India, the Golden Temple aims to nourish your body and your mind with hearty, plant-based dishes gathered from the far corners of Asia and South America. Utrechtsestraat, centre 

Golden Temple Amsterdam

Dignita Hoftuin

Tucked in a hidden city garden behind the breath-taking Hermitage Amsterdam, this urban oasis is also a vegetarian’s dream. The kitchen uses only organic, locally grown ingredients, meaning that guests are doing good by eating well. The Dignita Hoftuin kitchen is open seven days a week for breakfast and lunch, offering up dishes such as the “posh porridge”, courgette fritters and a healthy winter salad. Nieuwe Herengracht 18a, Centre

Dignita Hoftuin Amsterdam


Head to Betty’s, a nearly 30-year-old vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Amsterdam Zuid, for a complete culinary surprise. The €35 three-course menu changes regularly and isn’t posted online, so you won’t know what’s cooking until you have been served. That is, unless you go back a couple times in a week. The food is delicious, but the atmosphere truly makes Betty’s a special place. The warm, welcoming and gracious owners take the time to let you enjoy the menu and wine selection. If you love it, you can even learn how to make your own vegetarian dishes in the style of Betty’s with cooking and baking workshops starting at €75. Rijnstraat, Zuid

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