Top 9 restaurants in De Pijp

One of the trendiest neighbourhoods of Amsterdam, De Pijp is always busy. This multicultural hotspot boasts not only the bustling Albert Cuyp street market, the former Heineken brewery and a lively nightlife but restaurants that reflect the diversity of the neighbourhood. Michelin-starred restaurants and casual cafés both find their home in De Pijp. When you want a romantic, formal night out on the town with your significant other or a meal to share with children, you can find it at one of these restaurants in De Pijp. 

1. Restaurant Sinne

Sinne restaurant Amsterdam

Dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant is an experience you never forget. Restaurant Sinne, which received its Michelin star in 2014, is unlike any other restaurant in its category. You receive the Michelin experience but without all the fanfare — Sinne is more laidback than its counterparts, but still serves the same high-quality food. Watch the chefs expertly create your meal in the open kitchen at the back of the restaurant. French and Mediterranean flavours are highlighted, accented by the subtle seasonings of Asian and other exotic cuisines. Guests can start small with a three-course meal or go all out with a lengthy eight-course feast with accompanying wines.

Restaurant SinneCeintuurbaan 342

2. Juuls

Juuls restaurant Amsterdam

Make Juuls a regular stop while in Amsterdam — you’ll always be surprised. The menu at this rustic restaurant changes monthly, and all patrons must do is choose whether they’d like a three-, four-, or five-course meal (with or without the complementary wine). Fermented cherry tomatoes and elderflower are just examples of the unusual ingredients the restaurant’s talented chefs use in their inventive French and international dishes. Like many restaurants in Amsterdam, Juuls is small and allows room for up to 40 patrons. You will always feel as though you’re the centre of attention when eating at this demure dining establishment.

JuulsAlbert Cuypstraat 19

3. Neighbours

Neighbours Amsterdam

Cosy up to Neighbours for a friendly experience that makes you feel right at home — and you don’t even need an invitation! The Neighbours kitchen is based on local Dutch ingredients and flavours, but inspired by the different cuisines of the world: exotic Japanese sashimi and Mexican guacamole, for example, allow your taste buds to travel the world right from your seat at Neighbours. A classic beef wellington is offered alongside a few contemporary takes on the classic burger (eggplant and halloumi cheese, or lamb and tomato chutney). For the truly adventurous, try the “Next Door” three- or four-course menu.

NeighboursFrans Halsstraat 26H

4. Surya Amsterdam

Surya Amsterdam

As one of the most diverse neighbourhoods of Amsterdam, De Pijp gives you the opportunity to sample the cuisine of cultures you may have never encountered. At Surya, diners can try the exotic flavours of India and of Nepal in a restaurant whose décor reflects the sultry spices, scents and colours of the countries. Deep purples and rich reds are found on the walls and seating, and the lights are turned down low. Though the décor is striking, you’ll focus on the food at Surya. The menu features lots of meat dishes, including the famous butter chicken, but there are many options for vegetarians: vegetable korma, hailing from India, or dal bhat tarkari, a Nepalese lentil and vegetable platter, are just two of the many vegetarian options.

Surya AmsterdamCeintuurbaan 147

5. Café de Pijp

Cafe de Pijp Amsterdam

Named after the area in which it is located, Café de Pijp represents all that the neighbourhood has to offer: a friendly atmosphere and good food. The kitchen uses the freshest ingredients possible and is committed to classic Mediterranean techniques and flavours. The lunch menu features sandwiches, eggs and burgers, which are favourites for the young crowd that’s always found in De Pijp. The restaurant also offers a variety of fresh juice (orange or grapefruit, or a mix of the two) and healthy, nutrient-packed smoothies that keep you moving. After a filling dinner of burgers, steaks or fish, the party starts. During the weekends, DJs fill Café De Pijp with music so you can dance all night long.

Café de PijpFerdinand Bolstraat 17

6. Paskamer

Paskamer Amsterdam

The attention is on both the food and the drinks at Paskamer, and specifically the wine. Guests can simply go in for a meal, but it may be a better idea to go with a group — the menu has no complete meals but a selection of unique small plates to taste, share and enjoy. Tomato salad, homemade bitterballen (a fried Dutch snack), steak tartare and cheese platters go hand in hand with the extensive wine list. But it’s really about the wine at Paskamer. Head to the restaurant with a group for an afternoon of wine tasting, a 1.5-hour experience that includes eight different types of wine, snacks and a lesson in the art of wine tasting.  

PaskamerLutmastraat 132

7. ORESTI’S Taverna

ORESTIs taverna Amsterdam

Feel the warmth of the Mediterranean breeze as you sip on a glass of fine Italian wine and munch on Spanish tapas at Oresti’s Taverna. Dim lighting, a rich wooden interior and an ivy-covered terrace make this truly a tavern guests would find on the beaches of Greece. Full main courses are available — Sicilian-style shrimp, for example — but the extensive list of small plates allows guests to taste a variety of Spanish tapas, Italian antipasti and Greek mezze all at once. Children may not appreciate some of the stronger flavours, but Oresti’s Taverna makes sure there is something for everyone: a children’s menu offers Turkish meatballs (köfte) or chicken with applesauce and fries.

ORESTI’S TavernaDaniël Stalpertstraat 93-95

8. CtheCity – Ctaste

Ctaste Amsterdam

De Pijp is a place for new experiences, and Ctaste seeks to demonstrate that with its unusual dine-in-the-dark concept.  As part of the Amsterdam “tour” CtheCity, Ctaste aims to provide guests a unique culinary experience without the distraction of sight. Once you enter the restaurant, guests are seated in a darkened room and served a meal without knowing what it is. Later, guests are encouraged to guess what they have eaten. Complete the experience with the CtheCity tour, in which guests are led through a pitch-black room filled with typical Amsterdam objects by a blind guide, coupled with a meal at Ctaste.

CtheCity – CtasteAmsteldijk 55

9. De Waaghals

De Waaghals Amsterdam

Though the cuisine of the Netherlands relies heavily on meat dishes, it doesn’t mean that vegetarian restaurants are nowhere to be found. De Waaghals offers an always-changing menu of vegetarian dishes made with fresh ingredients, organic where possible, to give meat-eaters a chance to expand their palates. The menu changes twice a month, with one dish highlighting the cuisine of a specific country.  And while you enjoy your meal, you can appreciate art: the walls of the restaurant show off the works of local artists. If you haven’t got the time to sit down at the restaurant — De Pijp is an energetic centre of activity, after all — De Waaghals offers its dishes for takeaway.

De WaaghalsFrans Halsstraat 29