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The DNA of Amsterdam

Thanks to the country's progressiveness, innovation and academic acumen, Amsterdam has been a driving force in science and business since the seventee...

Living in the new Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a small city with big dreams. Politicians, planners and builders are working together to prioritise three critical factors for urban bala...

A close-knit community

The clusters of research-focused buildings that comprise the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area’s knowledge institutions are just a short distance from each ...

Amsterdam: a circular hotspot

Amsterdam has taken up the circularity challenge, with heartening results. Loops are closing around the Metropolitan Area: from the lighting at Schiph...

Amsterdam’s home advantage

Amsterdam’s enviable position as one of the world’s most competitive economies and business climates relies on a highly-skilled international workforc...

Up and away

Embraer’s impressive growth and role in renewing KLM’s Cityhopper fleet has seen the company open its European headquarters in Amsterdam.

Going my way?

Via plane, ship, road, train and internet, Amsterdam’s modern-day logistics possibilities have done its forbearers proud.