quality of life

"There is typically a great sense of pride associated with living in Amsterdam and a deep appreciation of the quality of life on offer. Enjoy a happier, healthier lifestyle in Amsterdam, there's great healthcare and education, lots of culture and entertainment, and, of course, the bicycle is the most popular form of getting around the city!

Amsterdam’s cultural life

Don’t be fooled by Amsterdam’s village-like charm: this is a European capital and as such offers an exciting art, music, film and theatre scene.

Life in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a wonderful place to live and work in. The city’s got a great quality of life, with the ubiquitous bikes making it easy to get arou...

China Desk

China is one of the major growth countries investing in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

India Desk

Amsterdam offers many advantages to its Indian community, such as favourable tax agreements, relatively inexpensive housing, and easy access to Amster...

South Korea Desk

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is a renowned hub for people, goods, capital and services. An increasing number of Korean operators are making the mos...

Japan Desk

The Netherlands and Japan have had a special relationship since the 17th century, when the Dutch obtained the exclusive right to trade with Japan thro...