Amsterdam is officially a cyclist’s paradise: bikes are everywhere. And considering Amsterdam’s renowned cycling history and culture, it's really not surprising there are a vast number of people that take part in cycling tour events or who head out frequently to support their cycling heroes. In Amsterdam and the surrounding region, there are plenty of events catering to professionals, amateurs and the more casual enthusiasts.

Amsterdam's cycling history

A typical Amsterdam street scene sees countless cyclists either heading to or from work, transporting young children to school, or carrying anything f...

Cycling safely

Amsterdam is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world and the majority of its citizens have spent their lives on two wheels since they wer...

Cycling in Amsterdam

Cycling is one of the best ways to get around Amsterdam, and no visitor should leave without experiencing the city's world famous bike culture.

Cycle routes

Explore more of Amsterdam with these specially created bike routes. Each trail will take you off the beaten track to discover old and new architecture...

Hire a bike

Cycling is a fun, efficient and easy way of getting around Amsterdam - just like the locals do! Even if you only pedal around for a few hours, riding ...


The Oostvaardersplassen is a unique nature reserve located between Lelystad and Almere. It’s comprised of 56 km2 of protected marshlands and fields, s...

Cycletours Holidays

Gyroscoopweg 104
Cycletours Holidays the cycling and barge holiday specialist in the Netherlands.

A-Bike Rental

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This Amsterdam bike rental shop offers customised bikes, wi-fi and expert advice on bike tours through Amsterdam, administered ove...