From cosy pubs to glitzy cocktail bars, from tiny hip-hop or rock clubs to arena-filling dance music events: when it comes to nightlife in Amsterdam, there are bars, gig venues and club nights to suit every taste. Amsterdam's nightlife is rich and easy-going.


Luminosity Beach Festival

Zeeweg 84
25/06/2020 - 28/06/2020
Head over to the shores of Bloemendaal aan Zee for this annual beach festival. Three days of pure trance are on the cards as major...

Hotel bars

Hotels aren't just for sleeping. With plenty of fantastic hotel bars on offer in Amsterdam – ranging from decadent to über-cool – they are now an exci...

Holiday season dining

The holiday season is the perfect time of year to gather with friends and family to enjoy good food. Whether you’re after high tea, a traditiona...

50 years of Paradiso

2018 marks 50 years since the iconic Amsterdam venue first opened its doors. Find out what's happening to mark this special anniversary year. 

Bars & cafés

Whether you’re after soaking up the atmosphere of a traditional Dutch brown café, lounging in a city luxurious grand café, enjoying a summer cocktail ...

Amsterdam partying basics

Whether you’re after electro beats, a live rock band, an intimate jazz show or something more obscure, Amsterdam is ready to party every night of the ...

Top clubs in Amsterdam

From vast rave caves to intimate basements, check out I amsterdam's guide to the most popular clubbing hotspots in Amsterdam.

Cocktail bars

For a delightful evening out, stop by one of Amsterdam’s best cocktail bars to sip some well-made classics or inventive new mixes. There’s plenty of c...

Brown cafés

For a taste of authentic Amsterdam flavour and Dutch culture, don't miss a visit to a traditional Dutch pub known as a 'brown café' (bruin café). Thes...