social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship, also known as impact entrepreneurship, means doing business with a social perspective; making a positive impact on society is the priority. Amsterdam is an ideal homebase for social entrepreneurs, offering the networks, ecosystem and business preconditions to make impact enterprises a success.

The Capital Map

The Capital Map offers orientation for Amsterdam entrepreneurs that are looking for investment for their business.

Social enterprises

Idealistic entrepreneurs will find a home in Amsterdam. The city is full of big ideas and has an inspiring, innovative and active ecosystem for social...

About Amsterdam Impact

Amsterdam Impact is here to help you find your way. It supports social entrepreneurship in Amsterdam by hosting events, organising challenges and crea...

Insights and features

Amsterdam is perfect for innovative businesses that want to shake things up and really make an impact. It is a lively and living lab: experiments, inn...


Amsterdam Impact encourages Dutch and international social entrepreneurs to establish links with Amsterdam and helps those already here to grow or sca...

What's Hub?

Linnaeusstraat 2c
Impact Hub
05/09/2019 - 03/12/2019
During "What’s Hub" you get an introduction to Impact Hub's community, entrepreneurial services, and membership model.

LM Wind Power

LM Wind Power's CEO, Roland Sundén, explains why Amsterdam's strategic location was the right fit for the business.