Amsterdam’s denim industry is thriving. A relatively recent addition to the city’s denim scene is the Jean School, an academy focused on denim, which is the first of its kind in the world and aims to educate future fashion professionals in designing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing denim.


Amsterdam’s high quality of life and a laid-back atmosphere attract talent and fuel creativity and ambition. It’s a cosmopolitan village and creative ...

Kingpins Show Amsterdam

Haarlemmerweg 8E
10/04/2019 - 11/04/2019
Kingpins Show Amsterdam is an invite-only, community-focused conference dedicated to the denim industry. The event is happening at...


The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is a true fashion hub that’s home to more than 100 fashion houses. Hip, new brands and iconic designers have all flock...

Pitch perfect

Over the last decade, Amsterdam’s advertising scene has bloomed dramatically, and the city now sits alongside (and often above) the world’s traditiona...

Kingpins Show

According to the Kingpins Show's founder, Andrew Olah, “Amsterdam has taken over the heartbeat of the EU jeans business with so many brands and the c...

Denham the Jeanmaker

“This is the real denim capital of the world,” says Jason Denham. “Amsterdam is the personification of everything jeans represent.”

Denim City

As the birthplace of denim innovators and the European hub of internationally established brands: Amsterdam is Denim City's Headquarters.

Slow fashion

Amsterdam is home to more than 100 fashion houses, and it prides itself on being the denim capital of the world. So naturally, the city is no stranger...