amsterdam brand

Share your passion for Amsterdam with Amsterdam brands. The I amsterdam brand has become one of the signatures of the city and you can wear it proudly. But there are also many more Dutch designers, stores and businesses that have become distinctive Amsterdam brands in their own right.

Made in Amsterdam

Some 150 years after her industrial heyday, Amsterdam is once again a city of makers. From artisanal brewers to bespoke bike makers and small-scale sa...

Fashionable Amsterdam

A city reputed for its innovation and creativity, Amsterdam is home to many established and budding fashion talents. From the club scene to the catwal...

Brandt & Levie

Geert van Wersch, Jiri Brandt and Samuel Levie are pioneers of the craft revolution in Amsterdam. With backgrounds in catering, they learnt the age-ol...


The Zaanstreek has had a close relationship with cocoa for four centuries. The smell of cocoa can even be smelt regularly in Amsterdam.