Accommodation in Amsterdam

The Amsterdam area has more than 350 hotels, so you're sure to find something in a convenient location that fits your budget. Hotel accommodation ranges from simple 1-star rooms to the ultimate in 5-star luxury, and of course, there are plenty of alternatives such as short-stay apartments and bed & breakfasts as well as budget accommodations such as hostels, campsites and even houseboats.

Where to stay in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is overflowing with accommodation choices for every type of trip. Whether you’re visiting for a romantic weekend, a business trip or a fun h...

Look for housing

Read up on renting, buying property, mortgages and housing rights to help with finding your new home in the Amsterdam Area.


Looking for somewhere original to stay in Amsterdam? Get a different view of the city by spending a few nights in a houseboat.


From within, Amsterdam may feel like a dense urban experience, but the Netherlands is one of the most fervent camping and caravanning nations in Europ...

Bed & breakfasts

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, you might crave the comfort and ambience of home. Bed & breakfasts are a great alternative to hot...

Group accommodation

Whether you’re a professional tour organiser or just planning a trip with family or friends, check out some Amsterdam accommodation that caters to lar...