This detailed tourist map made by local specialists uses a GPS locator to show you – without the need to go online - where you are and and where your chosen attraction is, with distance indication. Contains essential information on more than 130 places of interest, clearly categorised. Prepare for your trip by adding locations to your favourites list. And once in your hotel, drop a hotel pin to always find your way back to your hotel (and your rented bike). 

Contains information on:

  • Attractions, museums, historical buildings
  • Shopping areas, markets, squares and parks
  • Tram, taxi, guided bike tours and bike rental
  • Nightlife areas, restaurants, clubs, pubs and coffee shops
  • Concert halls and theatres
  • Nearby: to do, free Wi-Fi, cash machines, public restrooms, police, metro and train stations
  • Telephone number for police, ambulance, doctor, dentist and first aid
  • Personal locations: hotel pin, bike pin and favorites
  • Main map with landmarks appearing as 3D drawings, very detailed city centre map, overview map including suburbs and airport.
  • Languages: English, Dutch
  • Price: Free version with the first four hours of GPS functioning as a trial, thereafter available as in-app purchase.
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