Q! is your personalised travel companion for Amsterdam, committed to making your visit to the Dutch capital a most unique and qurious one. Q! does this by leveraging open data, your social networks and local experts that are eager to help.

Personalised guide to Amsterdam

Use Q! to discover unique places nearby. Keep all the Amsterdam questions you've asked in one place, add new places to visit to your virtual queue, and your personalised city companion will guide you there. Whether you are looking for an off-the-beaten path museum, a unique monument that's not in any of the guide books or the best place to rent a bike - you can use Q! Amsterdam to discover all of it or any of it, socially.

  • Use your favorite social network to sign-in (adding both Facebook and Twitter raises the probability of answers to your questions)
  • Use a map view or a question view to see what is unique and interesting around you
  • Ask a question about a very specific location using your own location
  • Add a place to your list to visit later
  • Once you found a place,navigate there using Google Maps functionality
  • Full index of every bike shop, coffee shop and available building in Amsterdam
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