Go flyboarding in Amsterdam

Flyboarding is unique within the extreme sports world. A flyboard is very easy to use: you do not need a lot of training or strength to have fun. This means that virtually anyone can handle it, regardless of how old or fit you are. You only need a short introduction, which you'll get from the Flyboard World team before you start your flyboarding experience in Amsterdam. Once you've completed this introduction, you'll be all ready to dive into the water for your first taste of flyboarding.

Hoverboarding and jetpack experiences

Have you always been a fan of board sports? Then hoverboarding is for you. This extreme sport allows you to fly above the water surface with a hydropowered hoverboard, and by shifting your weight, you can move freely above the water and reach speeds of up to 30 kilometres an hour! A jetpack meanwhile is a device that's worn on the back, propelling you up to 10m above the water's surface using a 215 horsepower water scooter and hose.