Beautiful architecture

The unexpected tranquility between the bustle of the Randstad and the striking architecture allows the building to coincide perfectly with the lush greenery of the surrounding nature reserve. In addition, the glass walls allow the interior space to pass unnoticed into the beautiful outdoor space and the incidence of light adds something special to every event.


A sustainable location: circular and largely built with natural and sustainable materials. Even before the takeover, Nuon concluded a deal with the municipality, resulting in the first solar panel roof in the Netherlands, and even in Europe on this scale, on the roof of EXPO Greater Amsterdam .


A unique location in the Randstad with unprecedented national and international potential. EXPO Greater Amsterdam is located near Amsterdam and in the backyard of Schiphol. Central location between Schiphol, Amsterdam and Hoofddorp and high performance public transportation with more than 8500 hotel rooms directly connected to the direct bus connection to the location.