Park & Bike

You park the car on the edge of the city and easily switch to the bicycle. There are several MOBIHUB locations around the city, so there is always one that is easy to reach for you. By parking your car outside the city center, you do not have to enter the busy center by car and you do not lose time looking for a parking space. You can easily reserve a parking space and bicycle in advance, so that you know exactly where to go.

You also save a lot of parking costs and you have the bike at your disposal during your reservation. The bicycle is and remains the best way to discover the city of Amsterdam.

How does it work?

You can easily make a reservation for the desired MOBIHUB location via the website. Select how many bicycles you want to reserve, fill in your details and pay. You will immediately receive an SMS and email with explanation.

To open the parking barriers and lock the bicycles, you need the MOBIAN app on your phone. As soon as you have this and created an account, you will see your reservations.

By clicking on your MOBIHUB reservation, you can open the barrier at the touch of a button. The MOBIBIKE reservation(s) in the app give you access to the lock of the bike. This allows you to open and relock the lock of the selected bike, when and as often as needed.

Everything in one app, so no hassle with cards or keys and you arrange it all yourself!