Duration: full day

  • The best way to experience beautiful New Land is to take a train from Amsterdam Central Station to Lelystad Centrum (platform 10a, 38 mins). The views from the train are spectacular, as you can even spot indigenous animals in the Nationaal Park Nieuw Land Nature Reserve along the way.
  • From Lelystad Centrum, take bus 3 to Batavialand (Batavia Stad stop, less than 10 mins). Discover the history of the reclamation of Flevoland, Holland’s youngest province, through fascinating presentations and exhibitions. One of the jewels in the collection is the spectacular Flevowand, a 60-metre tapestry that took 25 embroiders 14 years to make and traces the history of the area from the Ice Age to the 21st century.
  • Next to the museum is a replica of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) ship Batavia. You can also visit the exhibition and take a guided tour of the ship.
  • On your way back to Amsterdam, stop at Almere Centrum to admire the stunning modern architecture of this relatively new – 40-year-old – city. Special ‘architecture routes’ for both hikers and bikers are available at the Almere Tourist Information Centre (VVV) at the end of the main shopping street.
  • Trains back to Amsterdam run every 15 minutes from Almere to Amsterdam Central Station and it’s just a 25-minute journey.