New Land highlights

This is I amsterdam's selection of highlights of things to do and places to stay, eat and drink in the New Land, including restaurants, hotels, excursions and attractions.

New Land – tips and highlights

Just north east of Amsterdam, in the province of Flevoland, land has been reclaimed from the sea, giving birth to expanses of wild nature and new cities such as Lelystad and Almere. But the area is also an internationally acclaimed playground for architecture, art and design. Discover the New Land and find the best places to see, the most exciting things to do and see I amsterdam’s tips for accommodation, food and drink. 


Almere, still considered the youngest city in the Netherlands, is located just across the IJmeer from Amsterdam. Its modernity makes it a feast for fa...


Lelystad, located northeast of Almere along the Markermeer, is Flevoland’s capital city. It’s best known for the Batavia Wharf, the home of the Batavi...


The Oostvaardersplassen is a unique nature reserve located between Lelystad and Almere. It’s comprised of 56 km2 of protected marshlands and fields, s...