Seasonal highlights of The Hague

The Hague shines in any season: in the summer, you’ll spend your days frolicking in the surf at Scheveningen, while wintertime is best spent cosying up with a cup of glühwein at the festive Christmas markets. So whenever you decide to visit The Hague, you’ll find plenty of things to do in this royal city.

Winter in The Hague

When the weather turns cold, the Dutch don’t give up on outdoor fun – they embrace it! The Hague transforms into a true winter wonderland during the colder months, with tons of activities to enjoy. 

Royal Christmas Fair: One of the largest Christmas markets in the Netherlands, the magical Royal Christmas Fair at the Lange Voorhout features twinkling lights, handmade gifts, fragrant food and delicious drink. A full programme of events for the entire family make it an event you really shouldn’t miss. 15–24 December 2017

‘t Groot Kerstcircus: The circus is in town! From late December to early January, the ‘big circus’ – featuring comedy, acrobatics, a laser show, illusions and more – takes over Malieveld, a large grass field located opposite The Hague’s Central Station. 22 December 2017 – 7 January 2018

TINK: During December, strolling past shop windows is an event in itself in The Hague. That’s because the TINK winter event sees shop owners battling it out to land the prize for the best window display. There’s even prizes on offer for customers. 8–20 December 2017

Cool Event: Enjoy some winter fun at Cool Event in Scheveningen, where you can skate, sled and even admire incredible ice sculptures that pop up along the beach. 11 December 2017 – 14 January 2018

Bonfire Scheveningen: There’s nothing better than snuggling up beside a bonfire on the beach – and not better time to do it than while ringing in the New Year alongside the biggest bonfire in the Netherlands. 31 December 2017

Scheveningen Winter Fireworks: Watch the sky over Scheveningen light up with one of the most spectacular fireworks display in the Netherlands. This event isn’t only in the winter, either: there’s also a summer edition that takes place in August! 17 December 2017

Summer in The Hague

Summer in The Hague is spent outdoors, with most people, locals and tourists alike, spending their time at the beach or at the many festivals and events for families, couples and solo adventurers. 

Flag Day Scheveningen: Celebrate the historic arrival of the Dutch’s favourite fish, herring, to the harbours of Scheveningen on Flag Day. While eating herring in the traditional Dutch manner – held by the tail and lowered into your mouth, your head tipped back – is encouraged, there is plenty more to do at this annual festival, including old Dutch children’s games and football on the beach. Saturday, 16 June 2018

Prince’s Day: This regal ceremony takes place as summer draws to a close. On Prinsjesdag, or Prince’s Day, the reigning royal departs Noordeinde Palace for the Binnenhof in a golden coach, where he gives a speech at the Ridderzaal. Join the crowds that have gathered to watch this stately affair – held on the third Tuesday of September - from the streets. 18 September 2018 

Parkpop: One of the largest free pop festivals in Europe, Parkpop is a must for music lovers when visiting The Hague in the summer. Open to all, it’s welcoming atmosphere is a perfect demonstration of Dutch friendliness and music. 24 June 2018

Zeeheldenfestival: Join the locals in the Zeeheldenkwartier for a five-day festival that brings out the best in the neighbourhood. A full children’s programme (puppet shows, magicians and more), live music in the evenings and plenty of food and drink make it an event that will help you feel right at home in no time. 4–8 July 2018

North Sea Regatta: At the annual North Sea Regatta, the sea at Scheveningen fills with hundreds of boats that race to the shoreline. 18–20 May 2018

International Firework Festival: If you just can’t get enough of fireworks displays, head to The Hague in the summer to watch the sky explode in a display of colourful lights and brilliant blasts. 10 August 2018

Spring and autumn in The Hague

Spring is one of the best seasons in The Hague, with blooming flowers, chirping birds and streets full of life. The Japanese garden at Clingendael awakens from its winter slumber, as do the butterflies at the Vlinders aan de Vliet butterfly garden. Both are also open for a limited time in the autumn – the off seasons for many travelers – so it may be the perfect time to visit The Hague

If you’re not sure when to plan your trip or you’re wondering what’s going on, check out the calendar to see what’s happening in The Hague