Haarlem City of Culture

As Haarlem celebrates the anniversaries of two of its major theatres, the city rolls out a celebration of arts and culture, with a fantastic schedule of performances and special exhibitions. Haarlem City of Culture takes place from September 2018 to February 2019 at theatres, museums, concert halls and galleries throughout the city.

How to spend four hours in Haarlem

We’ve compiled some of the best activities and sights that you can experience in just a few hours (and inspire you to stay a little longer next time!)

Your guide to 10 hours in Haarlem

Haarlem summer shopping Hans Guldemond
Less than 20 minutes from Amsterdam, the city offers renowned cultural venues, Golden Age art, historic sights and some of the best shopping in the Netherlands.

Top 10 language-no-problem events

If you’re an international visitor or living in the Netherlands and not quite fluent in Dutch yet, then why not try a language-no-problem show, where performances are either in English, have subtitles, or don’t feature words at all.

Museum combi ticket

Visit Frans Hals Museum and Teylers Museum with a discounted combi ticket.

10 masterpieces to see during Haarlem's City of Culture celebrations

Teylers Museum Amsterdam Kees Hageman
Haarlem’s City of Culture celebrations also offer visitors the chance to catch special shows and events where you can admire artists and their works as you’ve never seen them before – including Leonardo da Vinci, Van Gogh and Manet.

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Teylers Museum

Spaarne 16
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Frans Hals Museum - Hof

Groot Heiligland 62
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