Tijn Akersloot

Tijn Akersloot Beach Bar Amsterdam BeachFrom a refreshingly cold glass of wine in the sun to a hot chocolate in front of an open fire, beach club Tijn Akersloot offers it all – 365 days a year. Since its opening over forty years ago, the beach club has become a favourite among the locals, surfers and foodies, with a huge menu of everything from BBQ and pizza to delicate soups and sandwiches. At Tijn Akersloot, you can relax during a yoga lesson, play a game of beach volleyball and check out the surfers from a lounge chair all in one spot on the beach.

Tijn Akersloot | Boulevard Paulus Loot 1, Zandvoort

Tent 6

From the end of February to the middle of October, you can spend your days at Tent 6, located at the start of the Zuid Boulevard in Zandvoort. This beach club serves up breakfast – including smoothies and fresh juices – lunch and dinner made with locally-sourced, often organic products. Head over on Sunday evening, where you can enjoy €1 oysters while a DJ spins in the background.

Tent 6 | Boulevard Paulus Loot 6, Zandvoort

The Spot

Watersports enthusiasts will find a home at The Spot. The expansive lesson offering – surfing, kitesurfing, stand up paddling and more, including those for kids – makes The Spot one of the best water sport centres on the Dutch coast. After a day of adrenaline-fuelled activity on the water or lounging in the sun, enjoy one of their famous burgers or coffees.

The Spot | Boulevard Barnaart 23a, Zandvoort


Timboektoe Beach Club Amsterdam Beach

For a truly relaxing atmosphere, head to the beach pavilion Timboektoe: it’s a hidden paradise. Its location near the mouth of the harbour offers the opportunity for a wide range of water sports, making it a hotspot for surfers. Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner on the terrace, which offers a breathtaking view of the crashing waves on the sea – or, since Timboektoe is open year-round, a wintry sight next to an open fire.

Timboektoe | Reyndersweg 1, Velsen-Noord

Rapa Nui

Rapa Nui Beach Club Amsterdam

There’s no pretence at Rapa Nui – you can be totally yourself. Laidback and relaxed, this colourfully decorated beach club in Zandvoort offers a seasonal menu – this year influenced by Indian, Japanese and Italian cuisine – which also presents an exciting new special each week. Watch the sun set from one of the comfortable lounge chairs, or party through the night during one of the beach club’s frequent events.

Rapa Nui | Boulevard Barnaart 27, Zandvoort

Aloha Beach

Aloha Bar Amsterdam Beach Club

The Aloha beach club brings Hawaii to Holland with a brightly decorated interior, complete with painted wooden masks hung on the walls and a colourful chalk menu board that’s just as artistic as it is informative. It’s the perfect place for surfers, kiters, windsurfers and even runners – or just to sit back and relax. Order a pizza piping hot from the brick oven, or browse the menu for organic dishes, fresh juice and homemade sweet treats.

Aloha Beach | Reyndersweg 2, Velsen-Noord

Zilt aan Zee

On the beautiful beaches of IJmuiden lies the little gem of a beach club, Zilt aan Zee. At this beach club, guests can enjoy the beach, the welcoming atmosphere and the menu year-round. Try one of Zilt aan Zee’s specialties, including freshly caught cod – fished out of the water by the owner of the beach club – or sole drenched in butter. Those looking for an event venue can find it at Zilt aan Zee, which has hosted parties, meetings and even weddings.

Zilt aan Zee | Kennemerstrand 174, IJmuiden

Woodstock 69

Woodstock BloemendaalOne of the most colourful beach clubs on the North Sea, Woodstock 69 has risen like a phoenix from the ashes. After a large fire destroyed much of the beach club in 2016, Woodstock 69 immediately had to begin reconstruction work – and now, the beach club is once again ready to celebrate summer. As soon as the sun comes out, the BBQ is turned on, and guests can once again flock to Woodstock 69 to enjoy life and feel the love.

Woodstock 69 | Zeeweg 94, Tent 7, Bloemendaal aan Zee

Safari Lodge

At Safari Lodge, hippie chic and industrial design fit together seamlessly. This creative beach club is the perfect spot for summer parties and events, with hammocks, house-made sangria, a healthy menu featuring organic products and BBQ (which you can even cook yourself!), lots of live music and two special event locations. The casual vibes, late-night snacks and lively atmosphere ensure that everyone can have a good time.

Safari Lodge | Boulevard Paulus Loot 2, Zandvoort

San Blas

San Blas Amsterdam BeachFrom Panama to Amsterdam beach: named after a tropical archipelago, this beach pavilion is open all throughout the year. It is architecturally interesting, too: the eye-catching modern building was constructed using sustainable and reclaimed material, and San Blas is run environmentally consciously, offering affordable organic food, using solar power and avoiding plastic waste as much as possible.

San Blas | Zeeweg 86, Bloemendaal

Mango’s Beach Bar

Zandvoort’s dozens of beach clubs, restaurants and pavilions offer the perfect place to relax, with wind-screened terraces and delicious food and drink options. May we suggest a luxurious sunset cocktail at Mango’s Beachbar? Choose between views of the rolling dunes or the crashing waves.

Mango’s Beach Bar | Boulevard de Favauge 15, Zandvoort

Bronze Beach

Located in an old school building, Bronze Beach is almost completely made of recycled materials, giving it a cosy industrial atmosphere. At night this beach club hosts a varied range of DJs, inspiring live performances and stand-up comedians. Enjoy it all with your feet in the sand or at one of the picnic tables on the terrace.

Bronze Beach | Zeeweg 86, Bloemendaal


Republiek is more of an upmarket Bloemendaal beach bar for the more mature, more sophisticated crowd. The décor is stylish and you could easily mistake it for a beach club in Ibiza. You can hire loungers that overlook the beach or you can get cosy on one of the sofas. It usually plays chilled-out lounge music but it is also famous for its parties which are spread out through the season, are free and are really good fun. Its menu is one of the more interesting in the area and it has a pizza oven which serves great rustic pizzas.

Republiek | Zeeweg 94, Bloemendaal