Amsterdam Beach itineraries

Sun, sand, sports, beach bars, bike trips and more. Take a break from the city streets and dig your toes into the sand at Amsterdam Beach. 


  • Take part in water sports or sample some freshly caught fish
  • Explore dunes, forests and hidden swimming holes and spot exotic wildlife
  • Discover the best surfing spots, beach clubs and bars by the beach

Amsterdam Beach

Just a short distance away from the canals and cobbles of Amsterdam city centre lies one of the most unspoilt coastlines in Northern Europe – Amsterdam Beach. Both Bloemendaal and Zandvoort offer plenty of opportunities to bask on the sands, soak up the vibrant nightlife, explore Dutch dunes and take part in water sports. Whether you want to spend a full day or just half a day in the region, here you can find inspiring ideas of how to take in the area’s best sights and experiences, as well as information about how to get there and back from Amsterdam city centre.

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How to get to Amsterdam Beach

How to get to Amsterdam Beach

Getting to Amsterdam Beach is a piece of cake. It’s quick and easy to get there using public transport.

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