Woodstock 69

Joanne says: "This is an eccentric party place, known as the hippy tent of Bloemendaal. It has colourful eastern infused décor with palm trees and umbrellas, and definitely attracts an alternative crowd who party hard. Anything goes at this place! It has a packed party agenda with live music and DJ parties, but the best thing about it is the bonfire. On party nights, they light the bonfire and everyone dances around it. It is so cool – it’s my favourite spot in Bloemendaal. Oh, and they also do great BBQs!" Strandpaviljoen Woodstock 69, Bloemendaal beach

Woodstock 69 Terrace Bloemendaal

Rapa Nui

Joanne says: "This is also a really nice relaxed beach club, which attracts more families. We go here when we just feel like a drink without having to party. The only problem with this place is that it is easy to get settled, and what starts as a couple of drinks has regularly turned into a session because it is such a good spot to chill out on a sunny day and soak up the atmosphere." Rapa Nui, Bloemendaal beach 


Joanne says: "This is the kite surfing school based at Woodstock 69. It is run by an Aussie (Benn Twyman) who fell in love with Woodstock after a visit and set up the surfing school there. Bloemendaal is not widely known as a surfing spot, but when the conditions are right you can see a sky full of colourful kites along the coast. Benn gives private or group lessons. I’ve never done one but my husband Patrick has, and immediately developed an obsession with kitesurfing after his first lesson." Zeestock Kitsesurfschool, Bloemendaal beach


Joanne says: "This is a bit of an ‘up-market’ beach bar on Bloemendaal for the more mature, more sophisticated crowd. The décor is stylish and you could easily mistake it for a beach club in Ibiza.  You can hire large beds that overlook the beach or you can lounge around on one of the sofas. It usually plays chilled-out lounge music but it is also famous for its parties which are spread out through the season, are free and are really good fun. They have a more interesting menu compared to the other beach bars and have a pizza oven which serves great rustic pizzas." Republiek beach club, Bloemendaal beach 

Food trucks

Joanne says: "Another tip I would have is the fish kiosk Vis van Floor at Zandvoort. It serves really good, fresh fish like raw herring and kibbeling (pieces of fish in batter). There's also a new chip van which is run by a gay couple who are so much fun! They have pimped up the van to be colourful and camp, and they dance around and bicker with each other – very entertaining!"

Vis van Floor Zandvoort