Extended opening hours

Great news! In light of the Van Gogh Museum’s ever-increasing popularity, the museum has decided to introduce extended opening hours in the peak summer season, so that all visitors can have an unforgettable experience even at the museum’s busiest times.

New exhibition: On the Verge of Insanity. Van Gogh and his Illness

From 15 July 2016
Van Gogh’s mental instability certainly provides fuel for the imagination. For the first time, the Van Gogh Museum is dedicating an exhibition to the subject, using paintings, drawings, letters and rarely displayed documents to shed new light on the artist’s illness and how it affected his work. The exhibition also addresses the many diagnoses and theories about his illness to have been put forward over the years.

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Besides a museum visit, the Van Gogh Museum provides a range of different options. Visitors get to truly understand Van Gogh and his work with the multimedia guide, available in ten languages. Other options include lectures, guided tours, workshops or special evening openings. For more information, please contact the museum at [email protected].