Every day Gassan Diamonds offers free tours guided by an expert guide in your own language. Visitors can admire diamond polishers at work and learn about the factors that determine the quality of diamonds and their value.

Gassan Diamonds also offers its location as a business venue for both small and big groups. The possibilities are endless:

  • Hold your meeting in the oldest diamond factory of Amsterdam
  • Complete your programme with a lovely lunch or cocktail hour
  • Combine the diamond experience with a Diamond and Champagne Surprise cocktail. Depending on the budget, one glass will carry a genuine brilliant-cut diamond while the rest carry a synthetic stone. Once everyone has enjoyed the Champagne, a diamond expert will check the stones to find the lucky winner of the real diamond. This promotion brings a lot of excitement and a sophisticated incentive for all travel participants.
  • Gassan Diamonds not only offers products, but services as well. Anniversary programmes and after sales services are available at the factory
  • Organise teambuilding events for your employees

Get to Gassan Diamonds the Dutch way — by bike! Alternatively, hop off during a canal cruise or visit with a tour bus. Parking facilities for cars and buses and a mooring site for canal boats are available. Gassan Diamonds is open seven days a week from 09.00 till 17.00.

Learn more about Gassan Diamonds tours or contact them by email.