Fresh ingredients and inspiring dishes in our three-course group Menu of Choice and mouth-watering new flavours in our Walking Dinner allow for unique taste experiences for new and returning guests.

Brand new wines will delight your palate, with bottles like Grüner Veltliner Steinsetz from Austria, Riesling Saint Theobald from France, Malbec Lorca from Chile and Nebbiolo Barolo from Italy, to name just a few. The inventive wine selection offers plenty of choice for wine enjoyers and connoisseurs alike while fitting comfortably into any budget.

The autumn menu makes its entrance with the season, with earthy mushrooms, hearty pumpkin and charcuterie. Celebrate the changing of the seasons with a tasty beer such as the Jopen Four-Grain Bock, a typical ruby red autumn Dutch specialty that is available on tap. While you enjoy your drinks, the elegant French dishes on the winter menu are created with Dutch winter beers.

But first things first … Venison, wild boar, catfish and ravioli: a grand Christmas dinner in the making! IJ-kantine offers an outstanding three- or four-course dinner during the holidays for groups and individual guests. Wine lovers can opt for the wine arrangement, in which every course is served with a complementary wine.

For more information on the delicious menus and fun activities in the new year, check the IJ-kantine website or contact us:, [email protected], +31 (0)6 29 03 29 29