The I amsterdam Store is perfectly situated in a central location (Amsterdam Central Station) for your group to meet. If you would like to use it as a starting point for a guided tour, we can help you prepare an information desk and meeting point.

If one store could embody the spirit of Amsterdam, I amsterdam Store would be it — it’s home to an array of unique Amsterdam products designed for visitors and locals alike.

The furniture is crafted from locally-sourced elm, while the colours are inspired by typical canal houses; the store even has a table constructed from canal house beams! The most loved Amsterdam brands, products and souvenirs line the shelves, including local delicacies like Kesbeke pickles, peanut butter from the Pindakaaswinkel and Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate bars. Every month the store is decked out with creative displays in a special theme, such as Dutch design or the holiday season.

The store is also the go-to spot for essential information on visiting Amsterdam. The dedicated staff can fill you in on the latest events and activities, and they can even assist you with booking tickets. Contact us to find out more!